Knock Knock (2015) Review

Knock Knock is a 2015 American sexual spine chiller movie coordinated by Eli Roth, who additionally co-composed the content with Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolás López. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas. The film was delivered on October 9, 2015, by Lionsgate Premiere. Knock Knock is a redo of the 1977 movie Death Game, which was coordinated by Peter S. Traynor and featured Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp. Every one of the three people took part in the creation of Knock Knock, while Camp additionally had an appearance in the fresher film.

Draftsman and joyfully wedded man Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) has the house to himself and his canine, Monkey, on Father's Day weekend because of work and an exercise based recuperation arrangement for a shoulder injury while his better half and kids go on a family-arranged sea shore trip. His better half Karen (Ignacia Allamand), a fruitful craftsman, leaves their associate Louis (Aaron Burns) accountable for her model that should be moved to a workmanship display.

Two ladies, Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) and Bel (Ana de Armas) Knock Knock on Evan's entryway. He opens the entryway and they state that they are searching for the location of a gathering. As they have no methods for correspondence, Evan permits them in to utilize the Internet and get hold of the gathering's host. The young ladies make themselves at home and Evan plays a couple of his old vinyl records he has from when he was a DJ. They at that point vanish to the washroom when their driver shows up. Evan attempts to persuade them to leave, however as they begin constraining themselves upon him, he yields and has a trio with them.

After Evan, Genesis, and Bel have had intercourse, Evan discovers that his better half's figure has been vandalized by the young ladies. At the point when Evan takes steps to call the police, the young ladies uncover they are underage. Vivian (Colleen Camp), a companion of Karen's, makes a trip to check whether Evan needs assistance. Seeing Genesis, Vivian irately leaves. At the point when Evan takes steps to report a break-in, they yield and consent to be brought home.

He at that point gets back, cleans the wreck, and attempts to return to his work. Similarly as he is drawing nearer to finishing his venture, he hears a breaking commotion. He finds a messed up picture casing of his family and Genesis knocks him out with one of his significant other's figures. Bel climbs onto him attempting to stir him while pretending as a student in his girl's school uniform. Evan at first won't, however the young ladies threaten to FaceTime his significant other with him except if he concurs with their strategies. Bel assaults him, and Genesis records everything. In any case, Evan breaks free and knocks Bel to the floor. He charges at Genesis, yet is then incapacitated by her and Bel who tie him up to a seat with an electrical line.

Louis shows up to gather the figure and discovers Evan, however before he can help him he hears the young ladies crushing the vandalized form. He hurries to stop them, yet then has an asthma assault and acknowledges they took his inhaler. As he attempts to get it back, he slips on a bit of the model, hits his head while falling, and passes on. They transform Louis' body into a red figure and delve a stopgap grave in the terrace for Evan. They likewise utilize both Evan's and Louis' telephones to text and make it seem as though Louis found that Evan engaged in extramarital relations with Louis' significant other and along these lines, was killed by Evan. The young ladies rubbish the house and persuade Evan to play find the stowaway. At the point when Genesis And Bel start attempting to discover Evan, he makes a departure out of the house, just to be halted and held at gunpoint by Genesis. At day break they tie Evan up with a hose, at that point cover him in the opening, leaving just his head over the ground. The two at that point uncover how the whole experience was only a "game", as they never expected to slaughter Evan nor are both of them underage and that all that they did was important for an insidious pastime of luring, tormenting, and demolishing the homes of wedded men with youngsters. Beginning shows Evan the video she recorded before with his telephone of him and Bel having intercourse. As Evan watches on, she transfers it to his Facebook profile. They withdraw for another casualty and take Monkey with them, leaving Evan to his destiny as Karen and the children show up to discover the house destroyed, with Evan's child, Jake saying "Daddy hosted a gathering".

In a substitute consummation Evan renders his retribution by following the young ladies at another casualty's home through Monkey's GPS tracker on his collar, where he knocks on the entryway and the young ladies ask 'Who's there'.

The Silence (2019) Review

The Silence is a 2019 horror film directed by John R. Leonetti and starring Kiernan Shipka, Stanley Tucci, Miranda Otto, and John Corbett.
The screenplay by Carey and Shane Van Dyke adapts the 2015 horror novel of the same name by Tim Lebbon.
The film depicts a world under attack by creatures who hunt by sound. Shipka plays a late-deafened teenager who seeks shelter with her family, and a cult seeks to take advantage of her fertility.
Netflix released The Silence on April 10, 2019. It was also released in theaters in seven markets in the rest of 2019, grossing $2.3 million.

Okja (2017) Review

Okja is a 2017 action-adventure film directed by Bong Joon-ho and written by Bong and Jon Ronson, the film is about a young girl who raises a genetically modified "super pig".
An international co-production of South Korea and the United States, it stars an ensemble cast headed by South Korean child actress Ahn Seo-hyun, South Korean actors Byun Hee-bong, Yoon Je-moon, and Choi Woo-shik, and Hollywood actors Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, Steven Yeun, Lily Collins, Shirley Henderson, Daniel Henshall, Devon Bostick, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
The film competed for the Palme d'Or in the main competition section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. It was released on Netflix on June 28, 2017. The film received positive reviews from critics.
In 2007, self-styled "environmentalist" Lucy Mirando becomes CEO of the Mirando Corporation, succeeding her twin sister Nancy. She announces that they have been breeding a special kind of "super pig".
The twenty-six produced specimens are sent to farmers in different locations around the world, and ten years later, one of them will be crowned the winner of a competition to breed the best pig.

Bright (2017) Review

Bright is a 2017 American urban fantasy action film directed by David Ayer, written by Max Landis, and starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Lucy Fry, Édgar Ramírez, and Ike Barinholtz.
The film is set in an alternate present in which humans and mythical creatures co-exist and details an LAPD police officer and his orc partner confronting racism and police corruption while protecting a magic wand and the elf girl who wields it.
Principal photography began in November 2016 in Los Angeles. The film was released worldwide on Netflix on December 22, 2017. While it has received largely negative reviews from critics, it has become one of Netflix's most streamed movies ever.
Humans coexist with other sentient races, notably orcs and elves. While Magic is known to be real, its practice is illegal. Rare magical artifacts known as the magic wands exist, but only a very few individuals called "Brights" can wield them without dying.
In Los Angeles, veteran LAPD officer Daryl Ward has been involuntarily partnered with Nick Jakoby, the nation's first orc police officer, equally detested by his brother officers for his race and other orcs for being a policeman.
Ward's relationship with Jakoby has been awkward since Ward was wounded by an orc armed robber that Jakoby failed to apprehend and the LAPD's Internal Affairs division suspects Jakoby let the robber escape on purpose.

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (2017) Review

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (transl. Beware of marriage) is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film directed by R.S. Prasanna and produced by Aanand L. Rai.
Featuring Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar in the lead roles, it is the remake of the director's own Tamil film Kalyana Samayal Saadham (2013). Released on 1 September 2017.
The film got five nominations at the 63rd Filmfare Awards, including Best Actor for Khurrana, Best Actress for Pednekar, and Best Supporting Actress for Seema Pahwa. The film revolves around Mudit Sharma, who is about to get married, on how he deals with his impotency with his fiancé and family.
A spin-off titled Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, was released on 21 February 2020.

Upgrade (2018) Review

Upgrade is a 2018 cyberpunk action film written and directed by Leigh Whannell and starring Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, and Harrison Gilbertson.
The film follows a technophobe who is implanted with a chip that allows him to control his body after a mugging leaves him paralyzed. The film was produced by Jason Blum, under his Blumhouse Productions banner.
After premiering on 10 March 2018 at South by Southwest, the film was released on 1 June 2018 in the United States by OTL Releasing and Blumhouse Tilt, and on 14 June 2018 in Australia.
The film received positive reviews from critics, who called it "one part The Six Million Dollar Man, one part Death Wish revenge fantasy", and praised the film's dark humor and action sequences.

Hunter Killer (2018) Review

Hunter Killer is a 2018 American action thriller film directed by Donovan Marsh, written by Arne Schmidt and Jamie Moss, and based on the 2012 novel Firing Point by Don Keith and George Wallace.
The film stars Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Michael Nyqvist (in one of his final film roles), Common, Linda Cardellini and Toby Stephens, and follows a submarine crew and a group of Navy SEALS who rescue the captured Russian President from a coup.
Hunter Killer was released in the United States on October 26, 2018, by Summit Entertainment. A box-office flop, the film received mixed reviews from critics, who saw it as "an undemanding, by-the-numbers actioner".
The U.S. Los Angeles class submarine USS Tampa Bay vanishes while shadowing the Russian Akula-class submarine Konek in the Arctic. Rear Admiral John Fisk (Common) sends the Virginia-class submarine USS Arkansas, under the command of newly-promoted and unorthodox Commander Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) to investigate.
At the same time, a Navy SEAL team under the command of Lieutenant Bill Beaman (Toby Stephens) is sent in to discreetly observe the Russian naval base in Polyarny, Murmansk Oblast, but their mission is swiftly complicated when Martinelli (Zane Holtz), the team's new designated marksman recruit, is rendered injured during the HALO drop.
When they arrive at the naval base, they witness defense minister, Admiral of the Fleet Dmitriy Durov (Mikhail Gorevoy), conducting a coup d'état and taking Russian President Nikolai Zakarin (Alexander Dyachenko) prisoner, and swiftly realize that Durov intends to trigger a war.
Their location almost discovered by the Russians during a radio intercept check, the SEALS manage to hide away undetected. Martinelli is injured in the leg by gunfire from a Russian officer who fired stray bullets into their hiding location forcing the team to leave him behind.